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The exciting insurance industry

The insurance industry reputation of being conservative is far outdated. To push digital transformation forward and satisfy the demands of modern customers, insurers today are early adopters of the latest technologies. A true digital culture has become the norm.​ This is because the traditional insurance business model is disrupted by tech giants and digital-only start-ups and therefore has shifted to deliver an improved and more holistic, customer journey. Better experience, increased go-to-market agility, Digital channel as primary channel and a high level of automated processes are key. While Headless Technology, Augmented IT, Artificial Intelligence, Internet-Of-Things and Big Data have been buzzwords until recently, today, it is difficult to imagine the future of insurance without.

The rise of Insurtech

In 2021 the insurtech industry received a staggering $5.4B in VC investment and there are over 3.500 Insurtech companies of which 1.500 emerged as startup in the last 5 years. Jobs within insurtech are outpacing the rest of the market and have been growing by 22% per month. Insurtech is hot, fast growing and you should join!

Agile and a growth mindset

Our career paths are dynamic, so there are several roads to success, and you can always change your path. ​

It doesn't matter if you are a junior or already an expert, growth is always possible, and we will help you along the way.

We want to focus on your strengths and enable you to find your passion.

The Accel your career program

The roles in the accel your career program are complimentary and provides learning opportunities, career and reward growth and continuous development. The following career paths are available:

  • Consultancy track

  • Technical track

  • Product track

  • Development track

  • Management track

What we promise

For each role we will provide education, training and coaching to guide you on your career path​

  • With predetermined timelines we make sure that you keep learning and growing with clear predefined targets

  • flexibility to start at any position and to switch tracks along the way​

  • When you find you dream job you can always choose to leave the track and grow in the specific role

In short, you are in charge of your career and we will actively facilitate you throughout.